If you have lived your life following the important lessons given by the Terminator movies, assuming that all robots want to kill you would be an easy and potentially dangerous mistake to make. Some robots can be helpful, like the creepy ones costing $50,000 that can dance like they are having a seizure which Japanese companies seem to love demonstrating. Thankfully, the robots drawn in this article are free of charge and unable to move in a disturbing manner. One of our forum goons going by the name genesplicer took requests for robot ideas, and has spent the past few months drawing them in a proud stance of defiance against those who oppose our metallic chums. Enjoy the following images from genesplicer and a few pals. Oil be surprised if you don't love it!

genesplicer started things off with his horrifying zombot.

Get the kids out of the room, masturbot is here!

Dance away your crippling emotional issues with tapbot.

Don't be surprised if goonbot reminds you of a familiar face, you fat bastard.

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