Honorable Mentions

These videos either had embedding disabled or were just too... something to be posted like the others, so here they are in link form.

vaseline freak begs to be ruined

User's description: freaky sub man begs for abuse

Real description: Some guy who could easily be your insurance agent in lipstick and women's underwear starts out choking on a blue plastic penis, then promises to divorce his wife for a Princess Sierra. He's pretty gross.

Wonder Woman Kidnapped, part 1

Found by JC Dracula

User's description: Carmen as a very shapely Wonder Woman who gets chloroformed and kidnapped. A video by Sid and Carmen.

Real description: An overweight superwoman trespasses in an abandoned warehouse for several minutes until she's knocked out and groped by some guy in a car. I'm not quite sure how she got moved to the car unless they found a forklift that was still working.

Hypnotic Voyeur Video 2 Series

Found by Buff and Uncut

User's description: Yesssssss I went at this boy for a looong time there sure is a part two!!! Once into the full swing of things being tranced and woken back up several times made its easier to take him further and deeper each time. Made to fear My large dildo the prospect of speaking with the President is so conflicting when the phone IS the dildo. his world is transformed before his eyes again and again into different scenarios in a dizzying array of hypnotic situations to titillate your imagination and hypnotic fascination.

Real description: What the hell is she talking about? In this video, a scary older woman uses the power of erotic hypnosis (which is apparently just saying "butterflies, butterflies" over and over) on some dweeb whose hairline looks like a millipede.

Our Wedding

Found by oscar the couch

User's description: Our wedding.

Real description: A wiccan wedding that seems to pretty much play out like an Everquest wedding in real life. This 24-minute ceremony is packed with memorable moments, such as when the weird old lady takes out the sword, the emergence of the bride and groom, and his hella wicked ponytail.

Stuffed Fat Belly

User's description: I ate all day today and now I'm stuffed

Real description: Scruff McGruff, Chicago Illinois, 60652.

That's it for this week. Thanks to everyone who helped us look for videos, but most of all, thanks to the folks at YouTube for creating and maintaining their lovely website. I hope you got as much enjoyment out of watching the videos as we did finding them. By the way, there are plenty more links in that thread, in case you're somehow still wanting more.
As always, if you have a link for a future Weekend Web please send it in! Good night!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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