Everyone, and by that I mean people who still play that game with the Elves and Orcs, are talking about the supposed patch notes that were leaked in China. However, despite Blizzards repeated assurance that these notes are in fact "Not Legitimate", "Fake", and "Not Even That Good of A Translation" players are convinced of their authenticity. Where should you, the Art of Warcraft reader stand on this important hot button issue? Well, lets read thru the notes together and see if we can dissect what these notes really mean.

However I must warn you: there's still the small problem that I don't actually speak, read or even order Chinese. But I do know of freely-available translation programs available on the Internet that allow for a crystal clear interpretation of the patch's details. So let's get cracking!


There are four regions: hated zones, Siling Master Ou, death Knight zone and spiders zone. 18 monster who will be here. Ice and frost effects do battle preparations, and, ultimately, to face Keersusade. Probable. All four stereotypical undead-dungeon cliches are here, from the Death Knights and Spiders, to the ever- so-typical Master Ou. At least there's less than 20 mobs to clear in the entire instance.

In Nakesamasi through the completion of a series of tasks, risk persons who will be able to access a new level of eight pieces of epic sets, each will have a career. These sets will be fully beyond the current vocational sets. Probable.Blizzard has already made all of its high-end raid encounters into something of a second day job. However it seems that they are the first to pioneer end-game content that is in fact, a third day job. Can you believe we only have to pay $15 a month for the opportunity to spend 5 additional hours once a week to gain imaginary powers?


The practitioner uses all dispersed category will be slightly reduced consumption, lower consumption of magic wand that supernatural power consumption less than High. However, the lower will not be able to disperse groups dispersed High magic wand. For example, the pastor of one class to disperse trick will only disperse the highest level of not more than 50 magic. Probable.Wands will now cost mana to use.

Patrick son will no longer provide Zambian across tribal prestige.Doubtful.Patrick's kid is a sweetheart - he would never do anything to make faction grinding even more mind-numbingly tedious.

Amended in special situations release magic wand, the administration has been openly goal in the former impact from the scope of magic attacks, the special status can not be cancelled correct deficiencies (such as Master in a state of calm on the target release meteorite games, and the goal in the meteorite trick flying a cut over time moves on the map. Inside this effect will not be cancelled, but the next will not be composed of magic, and the same effect can be composed).Probable.It was only a matter of time before Blizzard removed the epic space battles from WoW.

Totem will now have the right to monster threat value. Totem worship no longer be retrieved because of the threat value and enhance their own threats.Doubtful.If Shamans cannot tank, then I can't see Totems being allowed to.

Amended part of the regional waters in the absence of a bubble can be normal breathing mistakes.Probable.Finally, no more Inhale/Exhale/Exhale/Exhale/Exhale/Exhale/Inhale exploits! That, or they've somehow managed to make Divine Shield even more nerfed.

Payment and Battlefield

Battlefield victory parties and failure to provide honorary awards significantly reduced. Each flag will have a change of more honor awards. If the fighting in the battlefield before the start of a number of parties did not reach the battlefield open, then this battle will not provide any prestige and honor awards.Probable.From what I can grasp, they are making it more difficult to gain faction and honor while PvPing. Historically, this seems to be right on track.


- Drugs trick - supernatural power consumption slightly lower, but not higher than 50 to disperse level poisoning effect. Destruction-destruction that continues to be a Georgia stalls, or back away, and will not hit a mistake.Doubtful.I highly doubt that the developers has the bravado to end the rampant use of performance-enhancing narcotics that many players take for "the edge", thanks for the dark influence the Pharmacutical Companies maintains on all end-game content. I can only hope that in later years, we can go back to the Server Honor Rankings and add asterisks to the tarnished records of Warlords that tried to ruin this great past time.


Disrupting fire-will have to replace the charm effect of a substantial threat previous value. Probable.If you can't win their hearts, you will now be forced to blast their brains out.

Whenever nails gill-will be able to correct through the magic wand injury effects props to raise revenue. Probable.All damage done by Hunters with Wands will now slowly increase your on-hand gold. This is probably to compensate gold-farmers not being allowed to use teleport hacks in Dire Maul anymore.

Multiple shooting - skills that additional harm would correctly spell harm through their effects props benefits. Doubtful.I sincerely doubt that Blizzard would make damage-causing abilities to have negative effects.

Dispersed design-hunters are now all in the 30-class time learning to spell. Natural location of the original replaced by the new gift. Probable.Free epic weapons for Hunters that respec to Trueshot Aura!

New gift-maintained, replaced the original disperse fire. The skills to make immediate target shooting, multiple shooting and the firing of the Austrian People cooling time ended. Skills cooling time of 10 minutes. Probable.Surprising, but not entirely shocking. Players have speculated that the new Alliance race would be either the Dranei or Austrians for months, and it's not like racial prejudice is new in World of Warcraft.

Master (Mages)

Awaken-Master can now all in the 20-class time learning to spell. Doubtful.There is nothing on Earth or Azeroth that could help players use proper spelling.

Demons detonation technique-it is overwhelmingly made magic, the relevant gift was removed. Probable.Mages can no longer kill Demons.

Practitioner wrongly - that magic be redesigned. Now it will be reduced by the Master of all injuries, but there will be 30 rounds restrictions. When practitioner shield exist, Master practitioner combustion and will not be drawn practitioner effects, but the practitioner combustion and lessons practitioner can quickly damage practitioner shield. Probable.I think this is something to do with Fire Mages now taking additional damage in combat. - a well welcomed rebalancing to the overpowered Fire talent tree.

Ice and frost magic right now will be 15 seconds diminishing returns rule. Probable.All Ice spells will now contain a 15 second cooldown - a welcome rebalancing to the overpowered Frost talent tree.

Ice and frost magic right now will receive the proceeds from elements curse effects. Probable.Frostbolts can now be dispelled (this includes their damage dealt).

Deformation trick-vulgar deformation trick now will not have an impact on senior goal. Probable.No more making stupid screenshots where it looks like you are having sex with a sheep. Trust me; its for your sake, not the game's.

Magic counter-cooling time this takes slightly reduced. Doubtful.I can't imagine them lowering the cooldown for something on the overpowered Arcane talent tree. Here's hoping for a welcome rebalancing.

Suddenly the storm-the dream of direct injury slightly upgrading injury sustained slight decline in overall injury remain unchanged. Doubtful.There's no way in hell they upgraded Arcane Missiles, much less allow them to do sustained reliable damage.

Austrian trick energy-now in life will have a length of time equal to its own role in the cooling time to prevent the simultaneous use of props and other similar. These ornaments including Zambia fought heroic properties, a magical energy. Probable.Alliance Austrian mages cannot use trinkets and spells at the same time.

Sorcery curb - this theory has been redesigned. Now it will be reduced in proportion to the injury and the treatment takes effect. Probable.Spells now generally do less damage and more healing.

Sorcery efficiency - this theory has been redesigned. Now it will be a proportional increase in the concentration of the injury and treatment results. Probable.Spells now generally do more damage and less healing.

Detection magic-the magic of the role of time slightly growth. Probable.Mana costs on Detect Magic have been increased.

A trick ice - this theory has been redesigned. Now it will be reduced as the Master of all physical injury, and enhance ice and frost resistance, and reduced by the Master of all austerity magic harm. A trick when ice presence, Master affected by the austerity takes effect slowdown, the slowdown effect will be reduced, and all physical attacks against Master nearly warfare will enable attackers attack speed and movement speed reduced. Doubtful.Blizzard would never do anything to trick its players! Especially for austerity!

Protective austerity customs sector - this dream is now able to absorb more ice and frost damage. When the protective austerity customs sector exist, there would be no austerity star Master cream cold piercing to the bones and the impact will not be frozen trap frozen. Delicious.These announced changes sounds absolutely scrumptious, although a bit painful. Not for sensitive stomachs.

Cream cold piercing to the bones - junior ice and frost magic will be the trigger for lower probability results. Delicious.I can hardly wait - and I want Tutti Fruity!

Inside-amendments could lead to a calm effect can not be correctly remove errors. Inside results now can not be dispersed or purification. Probable.This has something to do with angry people and bugs & there are already a lof of those in the game; maybe it is finally time for Mages to experience the frustration that other classes face?

St. Knight (Paladin)

Sacred Zhen strike-the magic effect was upgraded, and can not be resisted. Probable.Finally, Crusader Strike!

Divine mercy trick-amendments could lead to a divine mercy trick effects can not be correctly remove errors. Divine mercy trick now can not be dispersed or purification effect. Probable.Purify will no longer debug other players.

Crusaders trial-now not only able to upgrade the magic of the sacred goal of injury, will slightly raise the goal of treatment effect. Probable.Seal of the Crusader will now have a chance on hit to heal its target.

Trial - when goals were post-trial, the goal will not be able to sneak into the state or stealth. Probable.Paladins can no longer stealth - and good riddance.

Mother - When the man after learning of high-grade, low levels of losses will not be able to reuse. Probable.Higher level Paladins are no longer allowed to run home crying to mommy after being demolished by another player.

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