The creepiest websites are always the ones that an under aged kid would find when they google for a seemingly innocent search term - like bear, cream pie or clown rape. Today's ALOD, Sissykiss, is like that but more horrible because of how they try to make everything cute and girly. Big anime girl logo, pink background with red font, and nothing that screams THIS WEBSITE SHOULD BE VIEWED BY ADULTS ONLY, AND TO BE HONEST NOT EVEN THEY SHOULD BE READING THIS. It looks like your standard, My Little Pony fanfiction web ring on a Lisa Frank template until begin to read way down the page.

Tucking your sissy tinkle in your panties to get a lovely V shape

Sissies ~ Sissy is an umbrella word that originally means young sister. It can be used for affection and friendship for girls. Sissy is used so persuasively it can replace any given name. The actress Sissy Spacek, whose name is actually Mary Elizabeth, is a well known person known as Sissy. Others that thought in a pretty sexist way started using it on guys who they thought were weak because they thought being effeminate is somehow weak but transgender...

   It only gets weirder and worse from there. The fact that the forums, galleries, and SISSYKISS DATING SITE are all private, registration required only is probably a mixed blessing.

Lacy lingerie will make you look lovely and alluring.


– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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