Why does our society allow a website like Tampon Crafts to exist, yet none of you have expressed any interest at all in my Used Condom Museum? Between this website, and those crazy girls who insist on painting with their menstrual fluid ala Diva Cup/Mooncup/Tupperware Bowl For Vagina Leavings, I'm starting to think some women believe that their genitals double as art supply stores. If this is the case, please assure me that pussies can't make charcoal pencils.

Wait a minute... A DOUCHE UZI? Capable of firing up to 20 yards away? Think of the time you saw a guy pick up a used tampon, and how paralyzed he was once someone told him what exactly the thing he was holding was. Now imagine doing that to some asshole in the convertible next to you at a stop light. The only problem I can see with this weapon is guys being to embarassed to go to the grocery store for more ammo. If only there was a way for the Tampax Infantry to disguise themselves...


– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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