To convince you of why this website is so fucking terrible, I will need to explain why the Science Fiction world of "Gor", created by author & King Misogynist John Norman (aka John Frederick Lange, Jr.), is so fucking terrible. Over 20 novels and 30 years, Mr. Norman wrote a series of books about a fictionalized "counter-earth" world where slavery was fucking cool, and totally beating the hell out of women was a good idea. In fact, in the Gor universe women learn to appreciate being put in shackles and chains to suffer an eternity of washing dishes. Now that I've got that out of the way, let me tell you that there's an entire clique of fans that not only love this fictional universe, but that they are trying to make it there everyday way of life. No, I'm not talking about the GOP.

So then, what DOES Gor offer women who do not wish to be slaves? What can be taken from the philosophies of John Norman and followed as a valid lifestyle? Much of the above may be offensive to the free woman, offending her pride and dignity, and we know from online Gor that many men believe that all free women secretly need a collar - this is a common Gorean male position.

"Gorean Whispers" is a website that archives the lifestyles of two such idiots, and presents a great case to their local police department for human trafficking. Sure, I'm all for people being allowed to live the lifestyle that they choose for themselves, just as long as it does no harm to others. THESE PEOPLE ARE HARMING OTHERS. Be it psychological, physical, or just being stupid enough to live their daily lives like this, "Goreans" as they would call themselves, are victimizers of the nerd world. Essays upon essays chronicle how you're doing a "free woman" a favor by removing her free will, giving her a new name, and making sure she complies to your every whim, just for the celebration of being a man. Unconvinced? They always list their sources - Gor novels and the Gor IRC channel.

Of course the children of the household know that something is going on. They notice who is in charge. They notice who obeys. And, not surprisingly, they often emulate the actions of one or the other.

One of my daughters observed recently that "Daddy makes the rules, swan obeys." Another daughter has, since swan came to my home, become quite the little servant...delighting in her own helpfulness. So yes, children see and integrate what they see.

Getting Masters mark was truly one of the greatest gifts i have ever recieved.

It doesn't matter if the woman "chooses" to become someone's slave - no one person should be allowed the total, unchecked control of another human being. There's no possible way you can justify its a humane and mentally safe condition. If you wanted to start your Monday out full of outrage over a bunch of dumb idiots, some poser pictures, and essays about breaking a woman's will - you've come to the right place. Fuck these people.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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