"I am Miss Helen, your hostess with the mostess, compere beyond compare, and I welcome you to our little messy corner of the net. Here my t-girl friends and I love to get soaked, gunged, muddy and generally messed up in cute outfits for your amusement, and of course, our own."

I guess today's ALOD is a not safe for work porn site? I mean, there's not any nudity or sex going on, as far as I can tell. Wamdrogeny has convinced me that I don't know what is erotic anymore, and it managed shut down my libido as if arousal would get me in trouble while clicking around here. Dudes who are now chicks who are shy, but are trying to open up by covering themselves in Jello & Gak, then drown themselves in mud to celebrate crossdresser awareness. Or something. Who fucking knows. There's a Youtube page full of Wamdrogeny videos too, if you want to make-believe you're a Supreme Court Justice and determine if any of this is pornography after you seeing it.

Keep this up, Internet, and we'll have an open and shut case for the total removal of our personal rights and freedoms.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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