As a white dude, sometimes I forget how angry I'm supposed to be at everyone, all the time. I see my life as pretty nice - people generally leave me alone and everyone just goes about their business. Thankfully, the good folks at Angry White Dude are here to remind me that my place at the top of the totem pole (which apparently I deserve, entirely by virtue of my lack of melanin) is constantly being threatened by minorities and their incessant nattering for "equality."

Now, some of you probably don't see equality as a threat. Angry White Dude wants you to know that you're clearly idiots! You see, what those people call "equality" is actually "reverse racism," and it's tearing America apart. Sure, white men, on average, make more money and get better jobs than anyone else in this country, but they also get made fun of a whole lot more, in commercials and stuff, and that's terrible. How terrible? Apparently terrible enough to blog about it daily.

Now, as their "about" page will tell you, these gentlemen aren't racists.They might call African-American Studies a "worthless pseudo-major whose entire curriculum consists of crying racism and hating crackas for their accomplishments," but they don't use the n-word. So, you know, they're cool. Oh, and all rappers are the worst black people alive. Still not racist!

This is a pretty huge site, featuring sections like "The Gay Agenda," "War on Men / Feminazis" and "Original Angry White Art." You can even find a lot of pictures of The Angry White Dude (personified by a Big Lebowski character who is not The Dude), including a particularly wonderful column where someone Photoshopped a turban onto his head! How funny is that? Very! And again, no racism!

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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