Spiffy the Clown, submitted by Robin. Everyone loves a clown, right? I can think of no better way to heal together than to spend a little time enjoying the antics of the wackiest clown this side of a sewer in a Stephen King novel. Enter Spiffy, not only is she a great clown and adept at both magic tricks and pratfalls, she also enjoys transforming children into furries.

SpiffyT is a member in good standing of COAI(Clowns of America International)SpiffyT adheres to the Clown Code of Ethicsand is a totally G-rated, kid friendly show. References available on request.

SpiffyT is pretty much your standard creepy clown with the added bonus of an equally horrifying sidekick named "ELF" and "singing brushes". She also has a web site that looks like it was designed by the clown equivalent of a criminally insane epileptic.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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