Burrito Delivery.com, submitted by Malaclypse. Since you're using the Internet to read this I can assume that you are someone who enjoys spending time online. I can also assume that you enjoy burritos, because really, who doesn't? Well Burritodelivery.com has a combination of these two fan favorites in the form of Internet burrito deliveries. As an added bonus to the already amazing offer of Internet burrito deliviers, burrito delivery.com is feature laden with some of the most hideous color combinations you have ever seen on a web site.

They also have a "state on the art" system and in case you have questions you can give their FAQ a read.

The system can't find my Account.

The search is not case sensitive, maybe you made a spelling, punctuation, or space error. The account retrieval searches on one word (the first one) only, so if your Account Name was "BurritoLover", for instance, a search for "Burrito Lover" would not work, nor would a search for "burrittolover" or "Burrito_Lover". A search for "BURRITOLOVER" would work, however, as would "burritolover".

Well this is one Burrito_Lover who wishes he lived in San Francisco! Where else can you get burritos delivered to your house and burn out all of the color-receptor cones in your eyes all thanks to one web site? God bless you burritodelivery.com! I will download a burrito today!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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