The Diary of Anne Skank, submitted by Andrew. The Internet, at times, is a wonderful tool. This is one of those times.

I really hate my life. I wish I could die + never have to see another man as long as I am dead except my dad + Gipa C. oh and Steve to ask him “Why?” I am so ugly and fat. Guys think they can use me. but I have feelings too. I have needs (TODD)!! He wants some excitement. Well what goes around comes around. And I swear to god that when we are in our 30’s I’ll be laughing my ass off when he gains 150 lbs and has huge tits. I’ll go up to him and ask him if I can feel those huge jugs + tell him he makes me horny then walk away. I will never have sex w/ anyone unless we are dating. (for a fue months) nothing that has to do w/ hormones!! Cuz I hate being hurt. Especially by Ryan the one and only true love. we dated for 2 years never had sex. But we were in love. he was my first love and so far he’s the only one I’ve ever loved. well I’m gonna slap Todd if he keeps running his mouth. Actually I wish I could find a guy like Ricky. He is so caring. he is the sweetest guy I have ever meet. And he is really sexy too!! I miss him. I wish I could see him again. He is the only guy I would do anything with right now if he asked cuz he’s sexy. But I want to go down to Mexico + visit him. That would be great. I hope he don’t have a g/f. I just wish Todd would keep his mouth shut cuz I don’t want ppl to think I’m a slut. I would die. I haven’t even told anyone. but Todd had to tell Rachael. Now I can’t take it if Todd calls I’m not gonna answer the phone. He can call and call but I’m not gonna talk to him or Tony. If Tony wants his hat he can call me when he is over at Todd’s + I’ll take it to him. No actually I would rather take it to Tony’s house. Now I don’t care if he likes me or not cuz I don’t wanna be used. All I want is a guy who likes me for who I am and not just for a quick thrill. I want a guy who holds me + tells me he loves me not for the way I look but for who I am!! I really wish Ryan still loved me cuz I want to be w/ him. I though at first we were stupid but now I think he and I should be together. We could help eachother. I need him and I think he needs me. That’s not true he just doesn’t love me anymore and I still have all the love in my heart for him as the day we had our first kiss. I hate my life but then sometimes at certain moments I love it.

Yes, what you are assuming is correct; some guys found a girl's high school diary and posted it on the Internet for everybody to see. There are 18 pages of pathetic teenage angst and hilarity present here, just waiting for you to fight through the popup ads and read. What a Thanksgiving treat!

PS: This girl is a huge slut, too. All the does is talk about penises and giving blowjobs to like 15 different guys per page.

Oh girlfriend, you so crazy!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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