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The Goons responsible for the Post Your Favorite Strange Fan Art thread have come a long way since the dark days of late 2012, when they wasted a bunch of posts searching for their first names plus "My Little Pony fan art" and posting the results. They've learned that it's much more mature and respectable to search for their last names plus "the Hedgehog." Anyway, enjoy 2014's first SFA!

Note: If morbid curiosity compels you to track down the artists, deviants, and deviantARTists responsible for these drawings/paintings, try clicking and dragging them into Google Images!






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The SA Forum Goons just found these things online. They didn't actually create them, or if they did, they certainly didn't take credit for doing so! Regardless, they braved some iffy corners of the Internet to gather these images; leave the scary searching to them and reap the benefits!

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