Fysche, submitted by Unbootable. I suppose I can think if a few things worse than trying to read the unreadable crap on this site, but they all seem to revolve around passing a fully grown king cobra through your small intestine. Fysch is some kind of pretentious mutant and delusional model with a website that's visually on par with several major genocides. Or maybe it's all a big joke. That strikes me as being more reasonable.

Fysche was spawned on an N chanting island in the South Pacific during the magickal 1970's. Fysche matured in hell (Las Vegas) & swam 2 Hellywood as soon as It could drive...

Fysche graduated from UCLA with a BA in English & a minor in American Studies.

Professionally, Fysche has X perience as an actress, director, and is completely responsible for every aspect of publishing Its novels from editing 2 art design & layout. Fysche retains full control & is the sole (soul!) mastermind.

Fysche has published 2 boox thanx 2 Xlibris Publishing B cause the writing style is apparently 2 avant-garde & "uncommerical" 4 commercial publishers 2 take on. Pffft! The boox R called Tails: Swimming Both Ways & I Fysche II Fysche Raw Fysche Gold Fysche, the latter (ladder! - 2 hellven, perhaps?) B ing actual E a collection of 4 boox. It also has a rather long list of unpublished boox. (Presumabl E B cause publishing with Xlibris costs so damn much!) She is currently considering switching 2 Infinity Publishing.

What the hell is that? According to her, it's Fyschese!

Fyschese est trés simple, though it may not seem 2 B @ 1st. If U read it aloud it will not sound strange B cause it is written phonetically. It's comparable 2 Internet slang - which will probably replace "proper" English soon E nuff. Additional E, Fyschese includes fun little puns like Hellywood, Am*dam (it's a star, get it?), whirled, relationshit, et cetera.

If you're struggling to make meaning of that, there is a comprehensive translation guide. Yes, it's a guide to help you talk like a retard. Say what you want, but at least she's put effort into trying to conceal her illiteracy. If you can believe it, and you're better off not believing it, she writes books. The kind of books you're supposed to read. You can find excerpts from those books if you really want to hurt yourself, but please don't. I tried and it hurt me physically and emotionally. I honestly think I'd rather pay for IRC chatlogs of 12-year-old girls talking about "Dawson's Creek" than buy a book written in Fyschese.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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