Maxssession, submitted by Tom. Maxssession sounds like the kind of name that would be associated with either a hair dresser or a super hero. Somewhere in between the two is the actual Maxssession; a creepily androgynous man who looks like a woman made out of plastic and poured into vinyl pants. He loves to dance and sort of sing. He loves having fun.

I have created these pages to introduce my music for the big audience, my/our fans and people who loves same kind of music as I do.

I also hope that some record producers will visit these pages and discover my huge passion for singing and musicmaking and maybe give me a chance to shall them my talents as a professional singer!

Be absolutely sure you watch the video (scroll down on the link) for his song "Dominanainen" that consists of horrible CGI, grim and angry women dancing, and some of the worst generic techno this side of a dance club in rural Kansas.

Please contact me if you are a record producer. I will send you a fulllenght cd if you are interested!

I had to remove 2 songs from the list. The reason is that i´m unemployed for this moment and i pay a lot of money to share my music for free at the net!

Guilt trip! I feel almost bad for sending you to this fruitball's site knowing we're going to gobble his bandwidth and put him out on the street. However, you MUST experience MAXSSESSION!!! To make up for that, I encourage any record producers reading SA to sign him to a label. I promise to buy his CD when it hits Wal-Mart.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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