I Was and Will Be, submitted by Hooplugh. I Was and Will Be is a site devoted to mostly "erotic" fanfiction that revolves around a character named Doyle who died on the very first season of the TV Show Angel. The site is full of creepy first person homoerotic fanfiction and the usual cloyingly pathetic novel length epics. What makes this all so insane is that not only did the character die on the TV show, but a little over a year ago the actor died too.

He turned his head a little, and his lips moved against my hand then, his eyes still closed, like he was looking for something that he couldn't find if he kept them open.

I leaned in closer, and he pulled me up against him, so close that I could feel the length of his body against mine.

He didn't say anything. Neither did I.

I started to kiss him then, and he answered it like he'd been waiting for two hundred years, like my mouth wasn't bitter with the taste of inhaler, like my time was going to run out tomorrow.

I don't know, maybe it will, you never know.

So I'll grab hold of tonight.

I...I just died in a one season throw-away character's arms tonight.
It must have been something he said.
Oh, and the actor's dead!

The comedic silver lining to this train wreck of a site wrapped in a World Trade Center level tragedy is playing "spot the griping". You see when these people saw their beloved favorite character get killed off after one season they started bitching about it, and their bitching is still all over the site. So every time you see a complaint about Warner Brothers killing off a character, even though the actor is dead too, I want you to do a shot. If they make a reference to the actor being dead in their complaint then I want you to finish the whole bottle of Bicardi 151.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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