No1derland, submitted by Old Breadbutt. No1derland is the UK's one stop shop for all the ugly, expensive boxes that make weird sounds you could ever need! It's an ugly, expensive, weird-sound-making box lover's dream! With everything from theremins to ring modulators (which, according to the site, allow you to be a "No1DALEK !No1DALEK !No1DALEK !"), this site truly has it all.

But wait! This site isn't just for the weird noise lovers of the world - it's also for nutcases! For instance, did you know that you can hear plants - that's right, your ordinary houseplants - sing? Now you can, with the "Plant Chant!" Want to be hypnotized? Try the "Brain Machines!" Want to feel the instantaneous pleasure that can be derived from holding a rock wrapped in tin foil? Try "The Orb!"

It should be noted that even on the original site, this picture doesn't link to any instructions. Neither does the text on either side of it.

The marketing wizards behind No1derland are so secure in their zany, crackpot products that they have refused to gussy up their page with any of the newfangled "high quality graphics" the kids are all using these days. No, instead, they took the route of integrity by making their site one of the biggest eyesores on the internet. The cursor trail on the homepage is the worst I've ever seen. Every image on the site is of embarrassingly poor quality. How poor? Well the image above was the most acceptable one I could find. Half the images are broken anyway, but you can still find the occasional functional GIF that would make a blind man poke his eyes out just for good measure. Complement the images with the frequent use of random text color changes and spurts of ALL CAPS and you've got one winner of a site! Yee haw!

By the way, this site also claims that printing out pictures of hands can heal you. Survey says..... it can't.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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