Adam and Andy, submitted by Princess Pitbull. I love webcomics! More accurately, I love to not read webcomics because they are all terrible and lack any point or humor whatsoever. "Adam and Andy" sticks with this popular theme while presenting an interesting twist that will blow you away: instead of being about a happily married man and woman, it's about a happily married MAN AND MAN! They are gay! Wow! And here I thought that only heterosexual people could be painfully banal and uninteresting!

Set in the fictional New England town of Woodfield, Connecticut, ADAM & ANDY is the story of two long term committed men struggling to maintain their humor, sanity, and a clean house. ...READ their amazing adventures and lose yourself in the minutiae of their daily lives! ...MARVEL at their strength and resolve as they wage war on careless ineptitude and bad coffee! ...BLAST OFF into incredible fits of jealousy over their impossibly broad shoulders and comprehensive wardrobes!

...FALL ASLEEP as you try to fight your way through their uninteresting stories! ...PRAY FOR DEATH as the author tries his hardest to write something funny but fails on every conceivable level! ...RENOUNCE GOD after realizing there is absolutely nothing good about these comics at all! Oh Adam and Andy, you are the wackiest married homosexuals I have ever met!

PS: Adam and Andy have Adam and Andy's guestbook. Perhaps somebody there could explain why both Adam and Andy look like twins cloned from the DNA of a barrel with nipples.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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