Hunniz2003, submitted by Cokeylata. Sometimes I wonder if the moronic culture of intentional misspellings and grammatical retardation is purely an American phenomenon. It always seemed to me that other countries would be above the sort of idiocy that radiates from the webjournal of many an American sap. Luckily, Emma, Rachel and Kirstin, or should I say, the Hunniz2003, have come along to prove that stupidity knows no borders. This site belonging to three Scottish lasses will either provide you with a hearty laugh or mind-shredding pain, depending on your mood at the time. I do advise not to look directly at the site, as the colors and insanely irritating sparkling background can cause permanent retinal damage.

I think the justification for the outrageous misspellings that run throughout the text on this site like a herd of retarded wildebeests is that the three young ladies tried to write in a way that would convey their thick, thick, incredibly thick Scottish accents. At least, I hope to God they have incredibly thick Scottish accents. If they don't, then I can only assume that they're writing like that because they all suffered severe brain damage in a boating accident.

Hiya this is Kirstin da ova person dat made this syt as well. Im quite small, well a dnt hink am tht small but loadza ppl say a am, i've got blonde hair n blu eyes. n thts aw yeez need tae no aboot me!x!

Someone please explain to me the need to put an "X" between two fucking exclamation points. As you can see, a thick accent still only accounts for a small percentage of the logic-bending lunacy of the writing on this site. Speaking of things being bent, the girls provide plenty of pictures (naturally - they're teenage girls, after all), but for some utterly bizarre reason, nearly all of the pictures are warped, squashed, or otherwise distorted so that the person features in the photo looks to be horribly disproportional.

See? It's not a great picture to begin with, but note how the girl, who I can only assume is normal-sized in real life, appears in the picture to be some sort of freakish dwarf. It's the same thing in every single picture. People are squashed down so they look like hobbits. People are stretched out so they look like they have heads larger than the rest of their bodies. I mean, it's like these girls went out of their way to butcher every single one of what would otherwise be okay photos. Of course, even if the pictures were all perfect, their photo section would still suck, since it is labeled"XxFotiesxX." That's just unacceptable. For the record, so is this:

Heres a wee page bout oor favourite footy teem! Rangers!!! Awredy won the CIS cup n the SPL which is the leegue fur sum of u dolly ppl oot there!!! We've also won the Scottish Cup!!! Shame u tims havnae won nefin 'n' wot a shame yeez got knocked oot o the Scottish Cup by Cailie Thistle HaHaHaHa!!!
Yeez hav only got top a the leegue this seeson fur a few weeks n aww use tims pure think itz amazin itz not we should no but i guess itz an acheevement fur yeez!!!HaHaHa

The day I get my English degree, I want to use it to give each and every one of these girls paper cuts until they bleed to death. Ah, to dream.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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