US Government Torture, submitted by Jen. I find it rather difficult to sum this site up, because it's just so extensive and informative. We're dealing with a well of knowledge here, so I think I best let it speak for itself. Here follows the site's warm introduction:

What your about to read is true, it is the result of a 3+ year investigation. It will be difficult if not impossible for you to believe even after you read the evidence contained in public releases from military DOD, Dept. of Justice, police, US Patent Office, retired officials, private investigators and then the victims of the crime of the century and perhaps of all time. This is not fiction but something so evil and insidious I thought I should take some time and lead you into it gradually but there is no time, the criminals who are murdering men women and children in their homes by the million require a quick description of the situation; millions have already been murdered in their homes by a hideous science of implantation by microchip and or directed silent electromagnetic energy. This is the truth, a secret international organization sanctioned by all governments despite their serious differences in public with their political objectives exists; this particular international liaison takes precedence in international politics in that all officials across the globe fall silent as to its existence and activity, its as if the activity does not exist for the public. Their goal is multiple and they are the New World Order as they themselves define themselves, evil in nature and structured in the medieval way generally with kings and vassals and knights and we all the peasants if we do not have rank in their evil empire, they consider us mere livestock. At this precipitous time in history there are many events forcing mankind on the brink of cataclysm from nuclear war via nuclear proliferation, the known thinning of the North Pole and the environmental after effects that are known to follow, these two things alone have spawned an evil policy for removal of a serious percentage of the population coupled with the toppling of the free country Americans who in their ideology of freedom represent a threat to the policy being stuffed down the publics throat. The media do stories about what they are told to say, and now because of the internet we are finding out what they have been hiding, which is that those in charge are guilty of serious crimes of human rights abuse here at home.

Truth is that the policy is a product of greed wherein those in the old boy power network refused to allow technical fixes out of the bag so to say; the US and European Patent offices are filled with technology that easily with very little development can end all the peoples problems, that now because these inventions were ignored has accelerated the destruction of the warming of the worlds ice which will cause tremendous problems and refusal to allow technical fixes has caused the using up of natural resources which are necessary to support the worlds population. Such statements together with outright greed have spawned the evil policy of secret genocide ( think tanks say the less people the better ). How you ask can something like that which is described here exist and go on undetected; simply put " National Security " . Your right to know under current legal dogma enacted amounts to the following fact; all facets of government are under " Admiralty Law " and this is known to exist under the current US system of law only and by the very display of a fringed flag in all court rooms throughout the US. heady stuff to understand what I say is true and it is. The web site your on is for the purpose of exposing the activities of the group described here at the preface.

The secret genocide has been well thought through as a means to keep you and the mass population of the nation from discovering the truth which is millions have been killed and millions are being killed using the most obviously attacked by the electronic device described earlier. The method of hiding something so insidious being done out in the open is pure evil genius. They attack many many people out in the open to promote several agendas. One and the primary agenda is to demonstrate what they want people to understand are the symptoms of being bombarded with electronic weapons, they have such people being attacked out in the open with such extraordinary symptoms that the massive population will see those symptoms as a definition of an attack and never make the connection that the very common and non serious seemingly everyday symptoms they are experiencing are not at all related to such attacks, but they are and seriously so. The second agenda is to cause fear not in the massive population who are being kept from the truth because its under " National Security " regulations to enforce non reporting but to put deep fear into all authorities that such activity can and will go on despite even their authoritarian complaint which is stifled and generates an aura and reality of the criminals being untouchable.

What you learn here will likely be brushed off as the ravings of a lunatic until you begin the process of really reading the evidence which is on the bottom of this first page as an index. I warn you that if you ignore this warning to help with all your might we as a people as a nation even as a world have no future; your families will be swept away unless we band together and make the ultimate sacrifice, which is to put aside all and every other agenda's that you may have whether its activism or mundane daily interests. The choice is yours, there will be nowhere to hide and the stakes are to the death. They, as powerful as they are are few; we are many and still have the key positions which can put the brakes on. But it won't happen without your effort. Would you prefer to depend on my effort for your life; do not want that, want to take a hand in this critical day to make a difference whether you work for the government or are a civilian. It cannot be stopped with certainty by either government or the public alone but requires your supreme commitment. There is little time as they grow stronger every day. Think clearly now, you know something is wrong, don't depend on me or others to fix it. Most people cannot be ordered to do anything, but this being an emergency I do think you had better reconsider the following. Do not go from this site without pledging your life to stopping it because it is your life they will take. Do not leave this site and go back to what you were doing as it were, your routine or your job without first making this your prime concern in your life. Ask others what they think and when they play doubting Thomas's ask what about the widespread research and the other evidence. Ask everyone if they have such symptoms and continue to ask for we are all there is in the equation to save our lives. You may be one of the few who in regard to history were called in a spiritual way to be more than you are as a result of reading this now. I ask all of you who read this to become more than you are and never forget this is possibly why you were born, not to be a hero but to do what anyone would do when one truly understands an emergency situation. You should know the following, act quickly and place advertisements around the country as follows:

"Activists join with us to support each others agenda's, thereby increasing your effectiveness (your telephone number or mine). Local papers will charge $20. get started, conquer ignorance in your own town!

This advertisement will get you in touch with the kind of people that do things that count in the world, they just need to be educated as to this circumstance and maybe through your eloquence or their spirit will rise to the occasion. Your country needs you now. Don't let it down!

OH! So that's what it's all about! Now that I "read" that, I feel much more enlightened - if you know what I mean. In all seriousness, and this is definitely no joking matter, this site deals with the government's secretive usage of radio frequency warfare. Like all good sites written by conspiracy theorists, every other paragraph uses a different font size, every page takes an hour to scroll down, and nowhere, not anywhere, is there the slightest bit of coherency. I don't particularly care if the government really is beaming moon lasers into my brain, but if they are, I'm ashamed us victims are represented in such an unprofessional and laughable fashion.

The good news is that this site offers a reliable defense against electromagnetic transmissions and mind control and enough knowledge to protect yourself and your family from invisible and inaudible singing telegrams containing deception and lies. Go nuts and arm yourself with knowledge!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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