Sex Fetish Robots FAQ, submitted by a chipmunk.If you love to have sex with robots, then today's Awful Link is right up your alley. This site is the mother load for all robot fantasy related material. Every single movie, TV show, or magazine that has had human like robot or even somebody frozen like a statue is listed. Personally I don't see the attraction to most of these robots, except for those little black ones that would roll around the Death Star all cute and busy like. God I just wanted to fuck those silly. Sadly those are left out of this listing, but hopefully that will be remedied with a few e-mails I just sent out to lobby the case.What a hearthrob!

This is just yet another case of people having way too much time on their hands and somehow getting online to spread their deranged fetish, eventually finding others like them and clustering into a protective ball of perverse tomfoolery. The author of this site says he is "AGGRESSIVELY seeking out further examples of this particular sub-sub-sub-genre" to expedite his descent into madness. So if you have any pictures of robots or heavy machinery, please send it to Robotdoll. Rest assured that he will furiously jack off to them covered in tin foil and then collapse in the corner crying. Welcome to the future.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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