KittyPink Online, submitted by Sodom and Gomorrah. To show my undying love for you fine folks, here is a swell site from a swell cat you're sure to enjoy. If you hate furry artists, well, then you'll probably love KittiePink, because she isn't a good artist at all. But you can still pay her to draw you bland looking drawings of naked cats, because there sure aren't enough of those on God's Green Internet.

As sad an attempt at art as that is, it's only the beginning. What's more, you can have her sculpt you a fine figurine of your a favorite animal, complete with a giant pink penis for accuracy's sake. What kind of heavenly creature could create such art? Why this gelatinous blob, of course.

FURSONA: Female Medium white haired cat with hot pink tuffs at the tips of the ears and tail. Her eyes are Aquamarine, with a glisten in them, always. Hair is about jaw length, and hot pink as well. Always wearing corsets, never in shoes or nylons. She also wears a black collar with 2 rows of diamonds around it, making sure the buckle is unseen in the back. She wears wrist cuffs the same type as the collar, only hot pink in color. Rings, and necklaces are scarce, and usually unvisible, save for the wedding and engagment ring, and anniversary and mothers ring on the opposite hand, same finger. She's always got a very alluring look on her face, teasing as if it were. She's quite slender, but not toothpick. Her bossom, is more than fair, filling tha corsets she wears quite nicely. She can be quite the madonna when posing, but always keeps her ladylike appearance, making sure her clothes are on (or she's covered), and all privvy area's are kept to the imagination..

While she likes anime, manga, Linkin Park, her cats, and drawing cats naked, she isn't single. Sorry guys, but this hunk of woman has been claimed by a gentleman of the likely lobotomized and/or catatonic variety. Oh fiddlesticks!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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