MMODATING, submitted by YourCreation. MMODATING is a site for Everquest nerds to meet and fall in love, which I think technically defeats the last remaining reason for people to play Everquest.

I am a married mother of 4. I work from home as a telecomuting Office manager for a nationwide company. I play several MMORG's and love the people aspect. I like horse's,horseback riding, Football, ice hockey, and generally anything. I play Everquest tribunal server Kaiala and FFXI gilgamesh mirinde.

If you're a married mother of four why are you on an MMORPG dating website? Oh wait, you're a sadsack! I hope the kids understand when you leave daddy for the NE/RANGER/64 of your dreams.

Is this site for real? I have only met 2 female gamers in person, so I thought i'd post on here and see if anyone responded. I'm outgoing, but sometimes quiet. A night at the bars or clubs is great, but so is a night in gaming with my friends. Music is good, i'm a fan of most aside from pop and country. Punk, hip hop and classic rock are at the top of the list. I'm a teacher in Japan for two more months, than it's back stateside, probably California. I love working out and being fit, and enjoy practicing martial arts and playing soccer.

This site is not real. It's a figment of my horrible waking nightmares.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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