NiceGuy's Women / Ameriskanks (mostly) Suck Page!, submitted by DJz. For some people the best solution to dealing with bad relationships is to develop more discriminating tastes and continuing to try. For others the best way is to blame it on the entire female gender of an entire country and start a website dedicated to complaining about said national gender.

I'm NiceGuy. Why did I make this site, if I'm Nice? Because: Ameriskanks (mostly) Suck*. ("Ameriskanks" means "North American females".) And yes, they 're horrible beyond imagination. Don't shoot the messenger. It's actually a good thing for me to come out and say this- our biggest critics are our truest friends because they show us how to improve ourselves. In this case, I'm giving an entire gender the criticism it needs to improve itself.


This page is about, essentially, why NiceGuy thinks Ameriskanks (mostly) Suck*. Such as: their extreme and gleeful sexism. Their accompanying denials of their sexism. Their head-games. Their double-standards and double-speak. Their massive and despicable hypocrisies. Their verbal abuse. Their thanklessness. Their lies within lies within lies. Their never-ending, sanctimonious victimhood mentality. The bigotry they thinly-disguise as 'humor'. Their mouthy temper-tantrums. Their "I want everything whether I deserve it or not" attitude. Their unceasing complain-a-thons. Their constant demands to be continuously pampered and showered with money. The fact that they will spread their legs for a man who gives them enough jewelry, yet will deny their obvious whoring. Their convenient blindness to the fact that they scapegoat men and screw-over men constantly. Their knee-jerk denials whenever it comes time to evaluate their own flaws in an honest fashion. The fact that they routinely behave outrageously unfairly towards men, yet always demand that men treat them fairly... Did I miss anything? And as for the ones between the ages of 16 and 35, they occupy a special place in my heart. If you've ever met any, then you've probably come-away with the impression that they're (mostly) hopelessly spoiled, incurably psychotic, compulsively mendacious, irredeemably corrupt and intrinsically toxic human beings. That's why I moved-away from 'em: I get quite a bit of comfort from knowing I have distanced myself safely beyond the reach of their vile claws. And nowadays I simply view those trolls with a mixture of bemusement and contempt. Especially since quite a few of 'em seem to believe they're "oppressed" because they get whistled-at occasionally and the Barbie dolls are too curvy. (Pathetic, but true!) And because they're convinced they've been "oppressed" for millenia, they start to think that they have the moral sanction to behave in a similarly awful fashion-- or even worse.

So what does this accomplish? The hell if I know, but man this guy must get tons of pussy.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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