All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive, submitted by Sulu. I feel like a big idiot. I've been watching the old Star Trek series since I was a young boy, and I never picked up on the fact the Kirk and Spock were gay lovers. How could I have been so blind? After looking at all the artwork, and reading all the stories and poems on this site, it's as plain as day not that they were a couple of raving homos and would gently sodomize each other during the commercial breaks.The best part of waking up is Spock's penis in your butt.

"Calm down, my love, for this is not the place
Though my heart leaps a bit at your radiant face
My people believe demonstration forbidden
So I would prefer your affection be hidden
But later, within our sacred privacy
Our sweet and graceful meeting can be free
And then there will be no cause to disguise
That kiss of fire that burns so brightly in your eyes
For now, we are content we've won the day
The Klingons need not see a passionate display!"

The image gallery in this site is priceless, and it took me forever just to pick one of them to use. At the bottom of the main page there are a lot of banners against homophobia and pro gay rights. I have absolutely nothing against homos, but I do have something against spending hours drawing Kirk and Spock having gay intimate moments. I'm homonerdophobic, and this site gives me the willies.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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