Return of Stargods, submitted by Mom. My favorite kind of religious wackos are the one's who mix Sci-Fi, government conspiracies, and the end of the world. They really are a hoot at get together's. The site "Return of the Stargods" is all about how the Stargods are coming back to kill us and stuff, and our only hope escape is Jesus, because he probably has a spaceship or something. Also the American government is evil and anybody in a position of power is either a reptilian, a Satanist, or even a Jew. Its kind of hard for me to believe, but they have a big website and a lot of pretty colors. Sign me up!It wasn't until I saw this damning picture that it really dawned on me that Bush is a bad customer.

"Welcome Our only escape is in Jesus Christ our Lord God and His return, and not the coming Return of the Stargods. After bringing a false peace and new technology to mankind and forming a new world government, the Stargods will then systematically begin to destroy all mankind from the earth. Only in Christ Jesus will you be rescued from the wrath to come. Please use spiritual discernment and testing on all articles and links. No ministry is 100% correct about everything, but a good ministry makes you stop and think about everything! Our religion is the Bible, our Pastor is the Holy Spirit, and our God is Jesus Christ!
Please pray for this ministry!"

I said it before and I'll say it again. Thank God the Internet keeps these people off the street and working in their homes franticly writing and forgetting to feed their multiple cats. Sure they flourish and grow in number with the help of the Internet, but it's much better than in front of the Piggly Wiggly, clawing at your feet and screaming about salvation and Satanic miniature poodles as you try to go inside. If we just let nature take it's course, these people will become so paranoid that they will turn on themselves and try to get the alien lizard that lives inside them with a rusty razor blade. We can only hope.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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