Think About It, submitted by Sciops. Having recently survived the apocalypses of 1997, 1999, 2000, and 2001, I'm not too keen on the conspiracy theory game. It just takes so much out of a person to prepare for the apocalypse only to have it not come. I just can't get emotionally invested in this sort of thing anymore. It breaks my heart, I know. This site wants you to think about doomsday and much, much more! For example:

One theory presented by some ufologist is that a great ark or "mothership" may be orbiting Earth or laying at anchor in deep space just this side of a "Black Hole" dispatching scientific probes and reconnaissance craft to our planet from time to time. this ark, like a real-life "Deathstar," is an artificial world, growing its own food, recycling its own waste products, capable of sustaining alien life indefinitely, just as a naturally created world does.
It's always good when the easiest way for you to describe parts of your theory is to compare them to things from science fiction. That helps lend a level of credibility, because everyone in the scientific community knows what a Deathstar is and just how such a station operates. Beyond that, though, I see nothing wrong with this legitimate theory put fourth by a perfectly rational man that a mothership is orbiting Earth out of alignment with our reality. Seems like a logical conclusion to me, even if we took a long journey through crazy town to arrive at it. There's plenty to read here, so wax up your tinfoil hat and get ready for adventure!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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