White Extinction, submitted by me. A white power kook hates all sorts of people (surprise!), believes the holocaust was very likely a hoax, and seems to scour world news for each and every story involving a minority. One of these quotes is not from the site, can you guess which it is?

1. Two black guys knocked over a 92-year-old white woman. This happened at a gas station in Riviera Beach, Florida. They took her purse and were arrested. I saw their pictures on television and they were both black.

2. A few weeks ago in England, 55,000 British youngsters booed a popular rap group off the stage. The rappers had to quit early due to the massive amount of beer and garbage thrown at them. It looks like the English are starting to step up. It's about time!

3. I bought an indoor grill (NOT one of those George Foreman mind control devices mass manufactured by Jews and bought by weak men out of white guilt) and about a month later I spilled my beer on the power cord and the thing shorted out. I'm pretty sure I saw a black guy working at the store I bought it from.

What really caught my eye, though, was one update in which he goes on and on about "Nordic aliens" which he hopes visited Earth and were the ancestors of truly strong whites such as himself.

...the Nordic aliens have told more than one abductee "you are one of us." That's good news. Some of us might be Nordic aliens that reincarnated into this world to serve a purpose. Perhaps, they sent back a few "heavy hitters" to save the White untermensch on earth. It would be great if I died and found out that I was really a Nordic alien. That's the best thing that could ever happen to me. Better yet, imagine if I reacquired millions of years of lost knowledge and remembered my entire past history. Keep in mind, I'm just throwing out possibilities here.

Good luck with all that.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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