, submitted by oce. Here is a web comic site that, more than any other, leads me to believe that the only reason this guy is doing drawing this comic is so he can recieve a letter from Apple asking him to surrender his domain name because of brand confusion or something like that so he can post it on his web site and talk about how he's getting harrassed by THE MAN.

Here it is, another web comic drawn by a CRAZY AND WACKY 14 year old who got an A+ in 1st period art class and thinks he's all of a sudden hot shit. There's also a forum that the author has invited you to post in. My guess is that 75 of his 77 members are family and friends, and the other two are pedophiles trying to pick up high schoolers. While unregistered users can post in that forum, please don't post anything negative because that would be really mean.

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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