Psychic Pets by the Pet Psychics, submitted by hawthornAvenger. In the world of wacky pet owners the people who believe that their pets are paranormal are really at the top of the trash heap. Spend a few minutes at Psychic Pets and you'll see exactly why. Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker have concocted this scheme out of a dream they had. In the dream they saw themselves selling bullshit psychic pet books to lonely people whose entire world consist of their pets. Think your pet might be psychic? Check out this eye-opening article.

I've noticed similar behaviour in our family Jack Russell dog William and our rabbits Charley and Benjamin seem to obey our mental commands if we will them out from the back garden and in through the back door.

William escaped from the garden one day when my wife Jane was out visiting a friend's new house three miles away. "I was amazed when William turned up at my friend's" says Jane "I'd travelled by car, so there is no way I could have left a scent, and William had never been taken to that address before."

Maybe you just really really really smell. Your scent is so powerful that even I can smell it from here. They also have a psychic pet chat that I was really looking forward to using but no one was in there chatting. I WONDER WHY.

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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