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Here's an absolutely hilarious clip from the alt.bigfoot FAQ:

Q13. What is the official unit of exchange for alt.bigfoot?

Our newsgroup has many fine atributes. We have a Supreme Commander, a financial policy, a mascot, a defence policy, a newsgroup anthem, history, poetry, literature, and of course, evil enemies. What we don't have however is a unit of exchange. Thus, I propose the Thigh Master (tm) as the official unit of exchange for the newsgroup alt.bigfoot, and I propose this for many reasons.

First, the Thigh Master (tm) brought back Suzanne Somers' career from the dead just as the Supreme Commander brought back alt.bigfoot from the dead.

Second, say you're waiting in line to make a deposit at a bank. You could take the Thigh Master (tm) and get a good workout while you're waiting.

And third, if Hooten tried to sneak up on you from behind, you could wack him on the head with the Thigh Master (tm) and protect yourself. The thing does have some heft after all.

Official exchange rate: 1 Thigh Master (tm) = $17.99 + tax (US) $24.99 (Canada)

In Moose We Trust / E. Pluribus Bigfootdamus

Gee, it sure is a shame Usenet is dead now! THIS IS SUCH GREAT STUFF!!

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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