MELLiZA, submitted by Rycon_Payne. I can't remember if Xanga sites get killed by getting made the ALoD. Well, I guess we'll find out! I won't feel too guilty because if any horrible personal web page ever deserved to be put out of its own misery it's this one. This girl believes that she is being coached to become "Christ's Twin" by God his own bad self.

Emphasis mine:

melissa = self-condemning sinner

Melissa = starting think better of herself sinner.

melliza = in Spanish means "twin"

MELLiZA = random bracelet found in David, Panama where a girl who was supposedly demon possessed (I did not understand the stronger gifts of the Holy Spirit then but I eagerly desired them my entire life) literally tried to kill me by choking me at a church (Angelica, wherever you are, whatever you're doing I love you so much, please know that!) This bracelet has been transformed into a necklace that is nearly completely battered and torn.

Shattered Clay = humility DRiVEN (little i = humility)


Shattered Clay + DRiVEN + Affect Destiny + Book of Hope + CCM + Acquire the Fire + Pillar + Jason Fowler + Headway + Cornerstone + Israel + Iraq + Royal Caribean + Carnival + Senora Lettkeman + Mrs. Meyer's English class + Mrs. Leonard's U.S. History class + Mr. Gerber and Mrs. Simpson's choir class + all my science classes + 1st Assembly of God Church in Weatherford, OK + Sub7 + Zoegirl + John Reuben + Aaron Lewis + Hillsongs + New Zealand + my FAMILY (first and foremost - my mother's prayers breaking generational curses in my life and of everyone else in my family) + Paul (apostle Paul...New Testament...boast in weaknesses and only in weaknesses) Smith + New Beginnings Christian Fellowship + Worldwide Church of God + Teen Mania + The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints + YWAM + Los Angeles, CA + Hollywood + celebrities + New Age + Spiritualism + Madonna + Tim (several different Timothies) + Tom and Machelle Kushnerick + Rockwell's + Pastor Mike Rasmussen (Yukon and/or Bethany, Oklahoma) + Pastor Tim (Virginia) + Pastor Andrew (Virginia) + SEP Camp + both my cruises this summer + my past two years of purposeful isolation (to analyze and test every single thing I heard from anybody anywhere) + all of my exboyfriends + Albert Einstein + DNA + David Hasz + Charles Colson + David Barton + Lesa + Cross Walk + my dogs + my cat + dolphins + Mexico + Peru + Romania + Plano + England + Hawkins + 1st Priority + FCA + CSA + all my experiences my entire life + Bondage + Freedom + Madonna + mississa + anthony + AIM + xanga + live journal + myspace + all the nights that I cried myself to sleep saying "I'm tired of being the strong one all the time. Jesus, I need you to catch me." + "absolutely" everything in the entire world = MELLiZA(eventually...I need help)

You got that right, MELLiZA

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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