The Catgirl Research Foundation, submitted by Argh!. Catgirls are an undeniable part of human heritage. For as long as mankind has existed we have attempted to join the concept of a hairball spitting creature with a hairball spitting woman. At least these people think so.

"The psychological appeal is, for me, an identity. There is no crisis when I can blend my feral self and my human self into one. Were I to try to shut out the wilder self, I would lose some self-esteem, a lot of direction, and likely, the ability to go outside my house. (That's a long story.)"

This site is so advanced they even have it split up into departments, such as the Gaming Fellowship, the Department of Scientific Studies, and the Fiction Library (closed for repairs at this time). Take a tour through the history of the cat girl in marvel comics. Look at past imagery of cat/woman goddesses from ancient past and be amazed at how far some people will go to excuse their behavior.

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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