Family Guardian, submitted by Second_Coming. What is Family Guardian? Well, when trying to decipher the amount of flashing text on the front page, I had to lie down for a few hours, but I assumed all of the flashing (RED HOT!)s meant that I was going to see some hot babysitter or social worker porn, as the site's title would have me believe. However, after returning to the site I was disappointed in seeing that it's merely a collection of opinions by a cabal of crazy Christians, with a link to buy Atlas Shrugged on nearly every page. Yes, the Objectivist sweetheart seems to be their role model, who may influence such crazy Q&A sessions such as these (but probably not):

Question 2.10: I am about 100 pages into the "Social Security: Mark of the Beast" book posted on your website and have become very distraught by reading it. I have gone to great lengths and will go much further (all the way *death*) to obey my Lord Jesus. But it appears by this book that it is all for naught. I became a possession of the Beast as a child and it appears there is no way out. What is your personal opinion regarding this book? I humbly ask your opinion for I have great regard for it. There are so few who have discernment and I feel you are one. Have you ever obtained a SSN? Have you found a way to cut off your right hand or to pluck out your eye? If there is a solution in my Father's word would you convey it to me? I care not about the things of this earth and devour everything I can from your material only in the hope of separating from it. That is what I seek.

Answer 2.10: We are glad that you contacted us to share your feelings on this subject because our guess is that there are many who have similar feelings about the book. At the same time, the facts which are conveyed in the book need to be heard by people and they need to get so scared that they crap their pants, as it sounds like you did. This is the only way to wake them up from their hedonistic, lethargic stupor that was put there by the government, sold-out churches, and a dysfunctional public education system. It appears that the book has accomplished its main goal and we have no regrets about that goal.

Boy I sure hope they will finally loosen up about how to get this damned right hand off! The beast is at my door!

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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