Digital Eric, submitted by Stile. Get ready to ROCK OUT!!! Football player with a huge inferiority complex writes about the absolute most inane and depressing events in his life. Every... single... day.

Friday 1/12/01 5:02PM Well what seemed like half of the senior class missing today it felt different at school. O.T. and all them took their "break" from school today. School counselors shitted me out nicely today with my schedule so today sucked. I finally fixed the deal for Hughes....and I left it on his football locker so hopefully he'll find it. I ripped a nice hole in my jeans below my right butt pocket but I didn't think you all wanted to know that...well that's it for now...I'll probably be home tonight and this weekend like usual.

Wednesday 1/10/01 6:18PM Long day today. I skipped Sociology cause I am planning to drop that class anyways. I had O.T., McNeil, and JoJo over. Then I had Orozco and Antoine over for lunch. I fixed Hughes's problem....sorta. It was nice to see regular friends again. Norby, Kassem, Upchurch, Bobby Dohm, and the other football guys. Shaddock says that he might very well ask the girl that Orozco's going for since Orozco's such a wuss to not ask her himself.

5:40PM I being cornered in life. Its not fun. It looks like the rest of this school year is going to be more troublesome than I thought. I would love to safely say that I hate my mom a whole lot for making this situation worse with her stupid complaints about me not doing well in school. On another note, The Minneosota Vikings whipped the New Orleans Saints and are most likely going to win the Super Bowl when they reach that point..

4:27PM I had breakfast for lunch. A late lunch. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day no matter when I eat it. I had a nice convo with O.T. online. He just told me that some girl from our school told him that we were supposed to be askin girls to our Senior Pro within the this month. He panics of course...but I know in the end he will get a date just like he will for the football for me, I will ask girls out for both, but knowing my past attempts....I highly doubt I'll get anywhere. Check out these two IM boxes from the convo I had with O.T. and see for yourself.

After spending 10 minutes reading this guy's journal entries, I am depressed beyond words. It's like this page contains an invisible depression plugin and your browser doesn't give you a chance to refuse download. We are all horrible monsters and pray for death.

There's a link to sign his guestbook, but why bother? Life is futile, we all die, and nothing ever remains. Pardon me while I change into all-black clothing and go to the nearest coffeeshop.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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