Happy Hentai Home - Final Fan, submitted by Alex. Although this link has been featured once before, I feel it's appropriate to mention it again today, as the site now has even more Final Fantasy smut comics (and there's also today's FF9 review). If you're not already turned on, just wait until you read these hot and spicy Final Fantasy porn descriptions! Oh baby!

Squall put a candy bar into bottom of her. It is getting melted. He brings her dog which starts licking the melted chocolate on her crutch.

Yufi visits her father who is the master of the battle. He asks her wheather she trains or not. She seems not to train well. So he chases her to punish, but she is so fast. They are so tired. She suddenly ask her father how make her tits bigger. He answers if she rubs her brest many times, she will get her brast bigger. She starts touching her body by herself. Her father gets mud at her when he is viewing what she does.

A small monster appears to her. The pretty monster theat her that he is rape her. She laughes, but she will notice taht she is surrounded by many of them. The small monsters ripes her cloth and rapes her. Cloud comes to her. He uses the monster to rape her. He also knows that she is chasing the Materia. he asks her whether she likes to have the materia. She says "yes", so Cloud puts the materia into her crutch.

In order to get the power, she has to have initiation with the monster. She accepts it. Many long genital shape ropes come out from the monster. These rope touch and bite her. Some even go into her crutch. She is getting crazy by treated by the many genetals. Each ropes come on her body and inside her. Finally, the monster makes her to stand and bend her body. He puts his big one ionto her. White liquid is all over her body.

At the beggining, Fuujin pinches Rinoa's breasts. She has a man's genetal. She is on Rinoa. Rimoa begs not to finish inside of her, but she gets white liquid inside. Many soilders are on her after Fuujin. They do all the hentai treatment to her. Shelph is also gets many hentai treatment by the soilders.

The best thing is that there's 40 different Final Fantasy porn books to choose from! That's like three day's worth of masturbatory material! Well, assuming you're turned on by the "white liquid inside the crutch" kind of action.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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