Sweet Baby Girl Chica, submitted by phaedrah. WARNING THIS SITE REQUIRES A PIII-800 AND 256 MEG OF RAM. Every vile CPU killer imaginable is present on this hellspawned Geocities monstrosity. We've got huge images downsized with image tags and sprawled across a single page, large animations and stupid text cursor, almost random tables layout, and dozens of stupid hip-hop graphics.

Hey wassup , my name is Diana Hernandez, i live in Boca Raton,FL, before i live in Miami, before Flatbush, Brooklyn,Nyc(where i was born and raise. I'm 16 turnig 17 in Dec., I go 2 SRHS (Spanish River High School) GO Sharks!!!!!! I'm 5'7, 140lbs.,short brownish hair, green brownish eyes ( it only turns green with i cry only my mother see my eyes turn green) , i'm half black and half hispanic( my mother from Hait and my dad from Costa Rica weird mix huh? lol)

No, the hottie pictured above is not Diana Hernandez as far as I know, he's just one of a number of cretins featured on this steaming crap bucket of a site. It truly is like some vile god distilled everything I hate in this world and started a web site to talk about it. This girl is so moronic, annoying, and ignorant that I would be happy to know that she is not capable of breeding, either by accident or by force. Unfortunately for us all, she is likely to drool out a string of loud-mouthed cussing rugrats at the nearest opportunity by repeatedly coupling with one of the shirtless genetic dregs pictured on her site.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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