DBE 4 LIFE, submitted by Amanda. Hardcore hip hop homeboys try to convince the entire world how rough and wigged out they are. They accomplish this by writing like 14-year old AOL girls and displaying pictures of them riding roller coasters, bumper cars, and posing with people in animal costumes.

Wuttup wuttup! Yo girls if u down with DBE lift ur shirts up. Yo we got mad shit on this site. Check out the pics i know you'll like em, especially all u girls out there. DBE is the illest krew out there. When u see us in the clubs u know we are the hottest guys there. Also, if your in desperate need of some ghetto lovin' then hit up the love page.

"All da girls in the clubs, tells ur friends to mind their own buisness!" "2 suburbans and a hearse cuz DBE is killing 'em out there" "I'm gonna ride this bitch like a '72 duece" "U best check yoself b4 u wreck yoself" "U best not be frontin' girl" "Ladies please dont fight, DBE is here all night"

Awwwwww yeah! Werd up! Sally Squirrel thinks the DBE hip hop homeboys are the freshest sensation to sweep the Internet since that one guy who took pictures of himself dancing in his wife's clothing! Illin', chillin', and spillin' 40's of Yoo-hoo for their homeboys in detention, awwww yeah!

PS: There's a guestbook you can sign! G-book for g-money, awwwww hell yeah werd werd WERD WERRRRD WERD WERD uuuup MONEY CASH DAWG!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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