Since the 1960s people have been turning to Star Trek's utopian vision for an escape from the everyday toils of life. Star Trek presents a multi-faced vision of a future where everybody spouts scientific gibberish to explain away every problem imaginable and technology to do virtually anything is accessible to anyone, including Wil Wheaton. Nowhere in this future does anything even remotely resembling reality or common sense ever come into play, but that's fine since it is just a TV show. Still I get so angry!! Argh!!! Anyway, this week the Something Awful Forum Goons made Star Trek their primary target, creating all sorts of funny and terrifying images of things that never once happened on the world's most enduring sci-fi franchise. Set phasers on FUN.

hobo_bait heard about this image on the news, but was too shocked to believe it!

I think monkeyheads has embellished all his memories of Star Trek – embellished them for the better, that is!

I'm always happy to play favorites with geno1173!

ZenMaster built a special room in his home to bring girls and abuse them (he also uses photoshop).

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