Hello Nancy!!!1, submitted by Maynard. Thsi site is excellent Falsh animation at its finest. I wish I could make animation of thsi caliper. It is the best namation on the records FOR FAGOTS. Listen to teh music! It is so sassy!

It reminds me of teh time Jerry and me bought icecream from James the balck guy who sells icecream. He is a funny guy and his wite is in the clouds. He says to jerry fagot where is your asthma inhaler now!!!1 We shared some good laughs at that one!! Old James serves up a meen doubble scoop and when things get dicy he knows its time to bring out teh sprinkles. Not that I buy icecream, I save my money for games. Jerry's mom buys it and she is as dumb as a shoe horn.

One time Jerry got in an accident on his way to soccar practice and he had to sit out because his necks was sore. I told him that he was sitting out because his mom has teh wiggle in her hips!! He tried to push me over teh fence and into teh trashcan but I was having none of that caper! He fell ovar and hit teh trashcan and the bees stung him. Jerry is allergic to bees and no one likes a bee crybaby, which is Jerry.

So this site is for FAgots.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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