The Block Bonobo Foundation, submitted by Amit. After that bout of insanity what I really need to relax is a nice animal-related Awful Link of the Day! Maybe some cute kittens or a dog wedding where people used MS Paint to put clothing on the animals, or how about this monkey site, it's about WAIT A SECOND IT'S ALL ABOUT MONKEYS HAVING SEX. The animated GIF that greets you of two monkeys humping while they swing from a vine should be sufficient to drive you away from this site, but seeing as how I've already poked through the madness water tension I decided to explore further.

Females are in heat for three-quarters of their cycle, and many of them copulate even when not in heat, a sexual pattern more like human females than that of any other mammal. Though common chimpanzees only partake in basic reproductive sex, bonobos share all kinds of sexual pleasures, including cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation, massage, bisexuality, incest, body-licking, sex in different positions, group sex, and lots of long, deep, wet, soulful, French kissing.

Like tantric sex practitioners, or just like two people very much in love, copulating bonobos often look deeply into each other’s eyes.

Well hooray for Bonobos, I GUESS?!?! What makes this site even better is that it's a not-for-profit foundation intended to preserve the Bonobos and probably also to record them in a series of Bonobo Bukkake videos that no doubt are already on volume 70 or 80.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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