* FaTaL * c-s clan, submitted by Drunk Scottish Hooligan. Ah, sweet Counter Strike! It provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment to many dedicated gamers around the world and provides endless pages of material for shitty Internet humorists such as myself. In this case we have the * FaTaL * c-s clan. Their site is a messy ball of images from the game and “neato high tech fonts” along with oddly placed boxes of text which serve as the “content”.

We play in westminster, CO and "play" at a place called gadgetek.
If you want to challange us we will do a 5 vs 5 with you if you think your clan think you have a talent. If you think what it takes to be in * FaTaL * post in the forum and will have a try-out.
w00t w00t
peace out

W00t w00t indeed my good man! Other than their repeated and quite possibly incorrect usage of the word “think” they seem to know what it means to be in clan * FaTaL *. But what’s this?! It sounds like there is trouble afoot for this prestigious group of players!

For those of you that are confused about the whole thing, heres what happend.

First * FaTaL * Gangsta was cought cheating on our best server denvercs. He was using "OGC" which on that server are restricted but got threw some how. So denvercs started getting mad and decided that one more chance would be cool.

Second * FaTaL * Difect had two comps on, one for him and one for a guy he put on afk ( away from keyboard) and the guy he had the afk guy on was mc-iu-addy which is the server runner.

* FaTaL * is having meeting about the prob.

I’m finding it really difficult to come up with a joke for this because I got about a third of the way through the text and ran into the “prob” of my eyes shooting out of my head on geysers of blood. Things got even more “probesque” when my brain exploded from the roof of my mouth and attempted to jam itself in my windpipe until I suffocated.

Seriously, trying to navigate your way around this fairly small site is like trying to follow a monkey’s footprints through the desert with a giant fan strapped to the top of your head. The links on the left side frequently change, many times not even taking you to the section they claim to, at other times disappearing entirely to be replaced with other links. Or should I say, other, more sinister, links.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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