Stranded Outlet, submitted by Jason. An idiotic band of pimple faced cretins with lyrics as bad as their web design skills. When a musical group uses an animated GIF of lightning for their site's background, you know they are bad to the bone.

You try so hard to piss me off
I think that it’s your favorite hobby
The shit that gurgles when I cough
Like you is extremely soggy

Maybe I didn't emphasize just how bad Stranded Outlet's lyrics fucking are. This sample is no fluke, all of their lyrics are this goddamn bad. Bad enough that they make grease burns from working the Popeye's Chicken deep fryer look like a calming ocean breeze in comparison. Luckily they have both the grease burns and the shitty lyrics on their side.

Things you do to annoy me
Things you do for fun
What yourself you spineless leech slug
I'll nuke your ass right here


Why, indeed, good sir! All of these shitastic songs are basically complaints and overreactions caused by someone annoying them. I got pretty annoyed when I had to wait in line to go to the bathroom when I saw the Reds play about eight years ago, and since that's the most annoying thing I can think of off the top of my head I decided to write a song about it. Stranded Outlet has inspired me!

This line is starting to tear down my nerves
I drank that second Sprite during the 5th inning
Oh God, why are they making me hold my pee
Those braindead maggot snot balls


I hope that makes the cut on their next album "I Feel Slightly Sleepy Because You Made Me Stay Up Talking Last Night".

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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