Sinister Networks, submitted by ChromePaddedCell. Where do goths go when they want an ISP that won't persecute them for their idiotic lifestyle? Sinister Networks, obviously, or I wouldn't have used that idiotic rhetorical question to open up their ALoD description.

Please note that Sinister Networks is not responsible for the content of individual users' web pages.

Spex Catholic Remains
Glamboy The Gothic Gelfling
Doctor Who the Sinister Administer
Purp, a.k.a. The Purple Sage
Dethany, the Artist formerly know as Bethany
Nocturne Hand Print Collision of Me
Solace Solace Keep
CRioux Chris Rioux
Opium Opium Poppy Fields
Atrocities Gothickry to wear amongst the shadows of the night
Ytima Amity

Hahahaha, Dethany? The Purple Sage? I'm fairly certain this entire network was created to give stupid ass free hosting to this guy's stupid ass friends. Oh I am sure "Glamboy the Gothic Gelfling" pays every bill on time for his hideous purple and way site of moronic droolings. I wish I had a button I could push that would release Cliff Yablonski from a cage with the scent of these people filling his nostrils. He would no doubt track them down and stab them all with some piece of furniture until they stopped updating their web sites.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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