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Does it count as a warning if it makes my loins BURST INTO FLAMES? Just check out that Garfield action!

He took a step forward until he was nose to nose with Pookie. He flicked his tongue lightly several times over Pookie's nose, until it was free of lasagna bits. When he finished, he sat back on his haunches, "Mmmmm you taste good, Pookie. What? You want me to clean the rest of you off too?" He grinned a Cheshire grin. "I'd love too." He stretched out a paw, pulled Pookie to him and purred, "Have I ever told you how much I love lasagna?" He continued to purr as he began to lick Pookie's neck and then down his chest, his rough tongue causing the bear's fur to stand up in tufts. When he reached Pookie's waist he stopped and stared at the area he just finished cleaning. He reached out and stroked a paw down Pookie's chest, his claws half out, leaving thin, slight trails in the bears fur. "You should bathe in tomato sauce from now on. It's made your fur soooo soft."


Still purring, Garfield rolled off Pookie and onto his side. He reached out with a paw and swatted a bit of fur from one of Pookie's button eyes, then laid his head on Pookie's shoulder. "That had to be the best lasagna I've ever had," he said contentedly.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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