GodMen (thanks FuriousGeorge) - This site is pretty cool because it’s all about being a man and being in love with Jesus but how it’s not really a gay thing because Jesus hates gays. And he hates gays in a major way. Like my uncle really hates gays, and he tells me about it all the time especially when he gets dizzy at family dinners and explains to me how the gays are in control of the government. But Jesus hates gays way more than that. I bet he talks about hating gays all the time, because he can multi-task so it wouldn’t keep him from like blessing people and making sure our dinner is good and stuff like that.

So this is a site to go to if you want to talk with other men about Jesus and how hard it is not to think about that thing. You know, the bedroom thing. It’s hard not to think about it, but if we really think hard about Jesus instead and hang out with lots of men at overnight stuff it’d probably be a lot easier. At least, that’s what my uncle says.

– Joshua Taylor, Age 13

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