At this stage, KirfTech acts primarily as a placeholder for future "satiricles." (Webmaster "Kirf Sovain" claims to have coined this portmanteau of "satire" and "articles," and I couldn't find many other hits for the term, so his story checks out!) Eventually, you're going to get written-in-character columns that will really take some shots at "hypocritical tech snobbery," as well as the regular feature "Blogger, Please," which will call out and mock prominent bloggers, "just for funsies." These things aren't there yet, but it's gonna be snarky, cutting-edge stuff, they promise! Eventually.

For now, though, KirfTech contains a handful of painfully unfunny pseudo-parodies (Apple sues Snapple! You know, because of the name! lol), most of which were posted on April Fool's Day. So maybe the whole thing is some sort of next-level meta-gag, albeit one with a really stark effort-to-payoff deficit? No one has "liked" any of these stories, and the only comment posted was in response to the desperate bait "Contest: Best Commenter wins a $50 iTunes Card!" ( Even that comment -- "Hey sweet new page!!!" -- looks pretty spammy, but fair is fair, give "Zelia" "her" prize!)

I'm pretty sure Kirf Sovain submitted his own site, partially because there's no evidence anyone else has ever visited it, but also because he wrote "Kirf Sovain" in the "ALOD credit" field. So, here's your chance, Kirf: Put up some new stories now that you'll have some traffic headed your way! Take some trenchant shots at the iPad and Gizmodo and whatever other sacred cows and "pretentious" kingmakers KirfTech was born to skewer! Or maybe you went through all this effort of designing a Web site (starkly, but still) and writing words (mostly blurb-length, but nonetheless) and getting a friend involved ("Glenn Dreck," though I guess that could just be another pseudonym) just so your fake tech-humor site could be pointed out and ridiculed as if it were real? In that case, you got me, Kirf. You got me good.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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