Hollywood Jaguar II (1990)

Directed by:
Mick Billingsgate Ruth

Writing credits:
John Milius
Dolph Lundgren (novel)

Genre: Action / Crime / Drama (more)

Tagline: The Jaguar is Back on the Prowl!

Plot Outline: The Hollywood Jaguar (Lundgren) returns from the jungles to Sunset Strip, where he must take down a drug ring led by the flamboyant Hector Flamingo. This time, he's joined by Cynthia Rothrock, a cross-dressing prostitute with legs of solid& (more) (view trailer)

User Comments: The last of the Hollywood Jaguar movies to feature Dolph Lundgren, and maybe the best of the series, save for director Mick B. Ruth's tendency to slather the proceedings in a musky wax of dripping, putrid (more)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!!!! A STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 6.7 / 10 (4,816 votes)

Credited cast:
Dolph Lundgren....Major Vrance "The Hollywood Jaguar" Cannon
Cynthia Rothrock....Dr. Jonathan Blair / Dr. Joanna Blair
Michael Ironside....Hector Flamingo
Brian Benben....Beau Meeks
Matt Mulhern....Bill Paxton (himself)
Tim Thomerson....Trudy
Don Dowe....Fats Ballard
Edy Williams....Tit Bat
Rip Torn....Chief of Jaguars
Mario Lopez....Major Vrance "The Hollywood Jaguar" Cannon, Jr.

Also Known As: Breeding Habits of the North American Mayfly (UK)
Runtime: USA: 91 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (Frugaluxe)
Sound Mix: Discountphonic
Memorable Quotes:

Vrance Cannon: You've awakened the ancient might of the wrong man, Flamingo.
Hector Flamingo: Can't you take a joke, Mr. ...Hollywood Jaguar?
Vrance Cannon: In your dreams, scumbag! (more)

AMDB Trivia:
  • Hollywood Jaguar II came under fire from Hispanic groups for a line of dialogue in which Matt Mulhern refers to cockfighting as "the Mexican stock market."
  • Actor Michael Ironside often showed up at the set in the "Batmobile" used in Tim Burton's feature adaptation of Batman (1989). A sheepish Michael Keaton appeared later to buy the vehicle back after he learned that a Batman sequel was in the works.
  • Brian Benben and Tim Thomerson had to film most of their scenes separately due to a longstanding feud. According to Thomerson, "shit, that lil' herb better keep my name up out his mouth, frontin' all like a little ol' bitch over some stupid imaginary shit. Yo, we was up on the set of Major Dad, ya heard? And that cat Gerald McRaney, that's my nigga, he come up to me and he's like 'yo, that Brian Benben buster, he think he better than you.' And I was like 'word?' And he's like 'that nigga just up at craft services telling that ho Maureen that you ain't shit, word is bond.' So what y'all think I did? I knocked him the fuck out."
  • Director Mick Ruth spent over seventy thousand dollars to commission a nude sculpture of the film, which to date has not yet been completed.
  • Cynthia Rothrock sustained a painful injury during a scene which called for a high kick; an amount of soft tissue in her mons pubis was pulled by her overextended lower groin tendons, causing the tissue of the left outer labium to spring upward and rake across pubic bone. An infection occurred as a result of the accident due to the fact that an area of groinal tissue had separated from the soft housing of the mons pubis and was floating free within the pubic wall; a bacterial "chewing colony" formed inside the injured area, and eventually spread into the vagina, where it blackened and necrotized thirty percent of Rothrock's internal genitals. Although she tried to hide the injury, on-set medics noticed that her garments were darkened with a malodorous blue-black seepage.
  • The estate of poet John Keats sued Dolph Lundgren over similarities between Hollywood Jaguar II and Keats' poem Ode to Mine Cadmium Harp (1820). The case was settled on the court, one-on-one, no refs, no bullshit.
  • The jaguar scarifications on Dolph Lundgren's chest were applied by allowing lampreys to hang suckling from his supple flesh for nigh unto a fortnight.
  • In order to decorate Hector Flamingo's estate, the prop master acquired a number of vases. It is unknown where the vases are today.
  • Recycled footage from Hollywood Jaguar I (1987), depicting Vrance Cannon ripping a neon sign from the window of a massage parlor, can be distinguished by the difference in Dolph Lundgren's hairstyle; he sported a classic Heathbarrow Undercrop in 1987, while by 1990 he had updated his look to a conservative Madman's Hod.
  • Cynthia Rothrock, who plays both a male and female character simultaneously, had to spend four hours in makeup each morning to perfect the "female" look of Dr. Joanna Blair.
  • To stay in top shape for his demanding physical performance, Dolph Lundgren ate three raw eggs, two paper towels, a rabbit pelt and an ounce of pure magnesium with every meal.
  • Tim Thomerson's violent seizures necessitated the rental of a special camera which would fitfully wrench and seize, making epileptic actors appear stationary in comparison. Thomerson blamed the fits on a history of "Henny, buddha and bitches."
  • When director Mick B. Ruth was a child, his dog Scrappy died of exposure one lonely winter's eve.
  • Edy Williams, a staunch believer in fairies, spent so much time making daisy- chains and tiny houses for her mythical companions that Mick Ruth eventually had to hire a remedial science tutor to visit the set and dispel her of such fancy.
  • Producers balked at Mick B. Ruth's reckless offer to cut financial corners by insuring stuntman Harvey Xavier as a motor vehicle. A compromise was reached whereby Xavier was insured as a half-man-half-hang-glider.
  • Michael Ironside, insecure about his purse, often wore purple eye shadow to distract attention from it.
  • The meek and quiescent Dolph Lundgren, finding scenes of violence too emotionally traumatic to film, would often spend hours in his trailer prior to the filming of action sequences, weeping, shaking and praying. "So mild of temper and disposition was he, so frail of constitution," said costar Mario Lopez, "that oft I feared he would blow away with the merest breeze. And lo, he did, alack-a-day; forever he left my life. Alas, my lovely Dolph."

AMDB Insider Trivia:

  • Rip Torn was brought on to replace Stacy Keach, who was dragged out to sea in his trailer by sea lions. Production was temporarily halted until Keach was spotted off the San Francisco Bay months later frolicking with a mate and several pups.
  • Dexiglas®, a softer and much more easily shattered form of plate glass, was named after and created in memory of 8-year-old Dexter Wells (Drunken Bar Thug #3).
  • Dolph Lundgren was revived on set at least 18 times and was pronounced clinically dead twice by medical personnel after the actor insisted on filming "authentic" head-to-mace combat in his fight with the Metal Mash Gang.
  • Director's Trademark: Screeching, scurrying across floor.
  • The studio saved an estimated three million dollars in catering fees thanks to the nutrient-rich, meaty gel found emanating from Rip Torn's sweat glands.
  • 48 people are killed by a tennis ball machine throughout the film, a number that would go unchallenged for over a decade until the release of Love Hurts (2000) .
  • Director's trademark: Main character communicates through slide whistle when sad.
  • Dolph Lundgren wore special prosthetics to keep atoms from colliding with and splitting on his cheekbones.
  • Director Mick Ruth suffered from an acute case of gynophobia, as seen in the initial version of the film where blinking arrows and the words "menstruating savage" appeared above the heads of each actress. After a poorly received box office debut, the words and arrows were replaced by a picture of Ruth smiling wanly at a young girl picking daisies.
  • The Brazilian Umbrella Mercs introduced halfway through the film were written into the script after the discovery of both a shortage in the wardrobe budget and Matt Mulhern's sizeable collection of BUM Equipment hoodies.
  • Mario Lopez surprised cast and crew members by personally building a 10 ft tall, fully functional animatronics jaguar vagina for the scene "Birth of Hollywood Jaguar, Jr." The device earned Lopez the Nobel Prize in Physics and was donated to NASA for study following completion of the film.

AMDB Insider Goofs:

  • Factual Error: Actual horses lack fingers or claws, much less the ability to run up a helicopter ladder.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: During the drug-induced, hallucinatory three-way between Cannon, Flamingo and Tit Bat, a terrified Brian Benben can be seen hiding underneath the bed mouthing silently to the camera for help. The scene was originally intended to show Meeks waiting under his bed to ambush cartel hitmen.
  • Factual Error: Jaguars do not have V-TOL abilities.
  • Continuity: When Na'atu the Jungle God listens to the Chief of Jaguar's prayers of protection during the Valley of Ancients scene, his demeanor is silent and majestic, like that of the eagle soaring effortlessly through the skies above. Yet in the next shot, his appearance is quiet and dignified, like that of an elderly bison pausing to overlook a cliff.
  • Revealing mistakes: A fossilized compsagnathus skeleton can be seen partially emerged from the back of Edy Williams' left thigh.
  • Revealing mistakes: When Cannon spins around in a "Jaguar-nado" to blow away enemy bullets, a shocked Don Dowe can be seen staggering in the background, gut-shot.
  • Factual errors: During the warehouse fight, Cannon hurls a javelin through an enormously fat henchman, who simply slumps over dead instead of flying about the room making whoopee cushion noises.
  • Continuity: After Trudy finishes his beer at the bar, he sets it down on the counter. In the next shot, the bottle is missing. In the shot after that, the bartender disappears. In the scene's final shot, Trudy is shown flailing helplessly in the blackness of space.

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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