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Okay, I know your attention span has been eroded down to nothing from all of these stupid videos I've featured over the months, but I'm going to ask you a favor: If I've ever made you laugh, vomit, cry or feel disgust for humanity, then please do me the favor of watching all 29 minutes and 54 seconds of this video. It is worth ever second.

What we have here is Complete (formed from the initials C, M, P and T which, of course, spells "Complete"), a band from Texas that plays music from "our hearts and our souls with sounds of the 70's and the 80's from our hearts and from our souls". One look at the wacky-hatted bassist, the mulleted singer or the drummer who is at least 57 years old, and you know you're in for a treat.

Watch the video, friend them on Myspace, download their album (that's right, kids, they're back together and offering their album for free on Myspace) and everything will be right in the world for one brief, shining moment.

That does it for this week! Thanks to Nick, Ben, Joe, Denise, and everyone else that submitted videos. If you would like to join these infamous rapscallions and submit a video, you can do that here. Also, be sure to join our YouTube channel because internet popularity is the only thing that keeps my black, shriveled heart beating.

See you jerks next week!

Critics Corner

"Complete,if you are watching and can read this I have only one suggestion-MATCHING STAGE COSTUMES,START WITH THE BASS PLAYERS HAT AND WORK YOUR WAY DOWN-you will rule the world!"


"if the lead singer finds this video, i might have to leave the job site to whop your ass"


" Just say 'no' to crystal meth"


– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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