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A goddamn shitmess

When are white people going to get it through their thick fucking skulls that mocking other races, no matter how "wacky" or "all in good fun" they try to make it, is still stupid? Listen you little trollop, I don't care how vaguely exotic looking you are. You're not Asian. You don't get to make fun of Asians. Also, for any other white people reading this, no, you can't say "nigger" even though black people can. I'm sorry, but that's just how the world works.

Back to the video at hand, however, I'm not even basing the assumption that this bitch isn't Asian on the fact that she looks like a budget bin Sarah Silverman. Rather, I'm basing her non-Asianness on the indisputeable fact that if she was Asian, then this video would have probably been somewhat redeeming. When Asians are wacky and random, it's generally either funny or at least mildly disturbing. This sort of "edgy" and "totally in my face" caricature of Asians, however, comes across more "boring" than anything else.

Please, probably Jewish comedian girl, the next time that you get inspired to make a video who's basic premise is "lol... what if I pretended to be Asian...and overdubbed a lot of farts bwa ha ha." do us all a favor and don't act upon it.

Also worth pointing out is that over 60,000 people think this is funny enough to subscribe to it. To put that into somewhat perspective, I was born in a small midwestern town who's population hovered around 5000 for the entire duration of my stay there. Nearly 10 times as many people think this video is hilarious than have lived in my hometown during the ~20 years I lived there.

To put it in better perspective, 60 times as many people find her comedy worthwhile as find my "comedy" "worthwhile". I'm going to kill myself. This is not a joke, this is a written threat.

Critics Corner

"Fucking bitch. Get out of YouTube and take ur ugly self with you too."


"you look like a whore and act like it too! Who could have guessed."


"oh god help me i think im ganna throw up"


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