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Hi fags. It's spring cleaning day here at AwfulVision which means a few new videos and a bunch of old-ass videos you guys sent in that I haven't used because I am fat, dumb and autistic. Also gay.

Bill Godsey is an unemployed step-dad who spends all his time doing videos like this instead of holding a real job. He is basically the Albert Einstein of worthless faggots thanks to his Special Theory of Wasting Your Fucking Life On Faggot Shit Like This.

You'd think he'd be used to getting shit in his eyes after all the brocum his housebros spray all over his face.

I must call into question this video's hypothesis that "even horses get dumped" since given the scope of this video, it is scientifically impossible to discern whether the horses are bummed out about being dumped or about having to listen to the All-American Rejects.


R. Kelly moves to France and reinvents himself.

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